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IELTS write task 2: Paraphrasing practice

ielts write task 2 paraphrasing practice exercise. To get a good brand in the IELTS write task 2 for the criterion of the vocabulary, you must be able to be charged. The exercise below is a chance that you practice your paraphrasing skills.

The answers for this exercise have now been published below. No letter should be posted for this lesson. However, you can still learn to complete the exercise yourself and check your writing with the answers offered.


Describe the words in this paragraph with the words below. Just rewrite a word if you are sure that it is appropriate.

many people when they drive their cars, drive with the speed limit in the inner cities. As a way of solving this, the government should use more speed cameras on larger streets to bring people from acceleration. If this happened, more people who are turned and this problem will ultimately be solved.

Paraphrasing Options

You do not have to use all words. You must decide which words are used and which words do not use.

City An answer The law Installation Motorway Stop People stuck official authorities supernatants from directly riding to do the key by solving these specified vehicles p>

Answers and advice

See the answers given below:

Answers: Click here


many people when they drive their cars, exceed the speed limit in urban centers . As a way of solving this, the authorities install more speed cameras on large roads to reject people from faster. by doing this , more people who are trapped, and this problem is finally dissolved .

Common mistakes and explanations

  1. collocation: drive with a car, do not drive with a car. We use the verb "ride" with bicycles.
  2. A city is not a city. You can write "city center" or "Urban Center". A city is much smaller and this essay is not about small towns and villages.
  3. The government can normally be paraphrased with the word "authorities".
  4. the word "should" should, like "should". This is a common paraphrase.
  5. If you write about setting up or creating devices, you can use the word "Install".
  6. "Deter" is used to get people out of control to start a crime or a crime. It is actually a better word to use for formal essay writing.
  7. "With this" and "as a way to solve this, both have the same meaning in this context. You can not write" In response to this "- it is not correct, although the meaning is the same.
  8. "people" are people. We use the word "citizen" in an essay over the transport. However, it would be acceptable to use it in the second sentence that refers to the government.
  9. "people" can not be rebuilt as "man" except in a context - please look at the video below to learn. Every student who makes this mistake does not learn effectively. The video below explains this very clearly so that you should not do this mistake.
  10. "caught red handset" must be written as it is shown. You can never write "red". There are three words in this idiom. However, this expression is mainly for theft or other crimes in which a person comes from the police face to face.It can not be used for speed processes that are caught by the camera.
  11. "vehicles" are used if we do not know what kind of transport is written or when we relate to different types. This essay is about cars only, which means that you can not use the word "vehicle".
  12. This paragraph is about "streets". This is not the same as a "highway". A highway is a very large street outside a city containing two or three lines in both directions for strong traffic.

Results and advice

  • If you had a mistake, it is acceptable for the band 7 or 8.
  • If you have two or three mistakes, it is in the area of ??Volume 6.
  • If you make more mistakes, this means that you are not careful with your language.
    • More Errors = Lower Score
    • You must learn both the use and the meaning of a word.
    • Do not aim at reach until you can achieve accuracy.
    • If you learn a noun or verb, learn the full collocation.
    • If you learn a word, learn when you can do it, and can not use it.
    • If you learn an idiom, learn whether the words can be changed or not.

best writing posted:

Well done to Esmail Bahmyari ! They have indeed written very well, but do not avoid the word "people", it is the right and most suitable word for this essay. You have the potential to be good with your English level.

At all other students, I hope they learn to be careful when they cry out. Try to avoid mistakes. You can see that a band score 9 student is not incorporated continuously.

I hope you have benefited from this lesson. I will put similar lessons in the future in the future if they found it useful.

Video: Paraphrase Tips

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